Protect Your Investment. Invest In High Quality Parts.

We carry the largest stock of OEM parts in Virginia for two reasons:

  1. They are hands-down the best parts you can buy to keep your equipment running at peak performance.
  2. To immediately provide you with parts. When you place your order, we ship it straight to you.​

Repairing Your Equipment With OEM Parts = Less Downtime

OEM Parts

Aftermarket Parts

Engineered to give maximum life

Don't last as long

Constructed for maximum wear

Have a quicker fail rate

Provide maximum performance

Purchased because of price

We want you to get the best performance for what you pay for.
That’s why we only carry OEM parts to service your equipment.​

It May Seem Obvious, But You're NOT Saving Money If...

  • You buy twice as many parts that get half the wear.
  • Your sweeper's not sweeping streets.
  • Your sweeper’s in the garage for it's 3rd set of brushes.
  • Your combination truck’s not cleaning sewer lines.

Save Money By Refusing Aftermarket Parts.

We Don’t Want You To Spend More Than You Should On Parts.

Choosing aftermarket parts to try and save money may look good on a spreadsheet. But, after 30 years we’ve seen municipalities spend more than necessary in the long run.

When it comes to choosing the best parts,
who's best qualified?

Spend LESS Time Waiting On Parts.
Order Straight From Our Inventory.

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